Low Cost Counselling and Psychotherapy
Low Cost Counselling and Psychotherapy
Amanda Cust
Amanda Cust

About Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling is a time and space set aside each week for you to think about how you are feeling, what is going on beneath the front you may need to put on, and to consider your resources, your choices and the direction you might take as you get used to the new circumstances you find yourself in.


We can focus together on whichever aspect of your life you choose to each week.  My job is not to advise you and there is no set agenda - I work in a collaborative way, aware of the practicalities of life and the time it can take to find a new balance in life after loss.


Your loss may have been sudden or traumatic, involve major change or open up a painful void where someone important to you has been.  Bereavement does not always involve uncomplicated sadness for someone we love - the death of someone we have mixed feelings towards can be just as difficult. Unwelcome feelings - anger, relief, guilt or remorse - can be easier to talk about with a counsellor who is not part of your everyday life.


Allowing yourself this time, treating yourself kindly and making good use of the understanding and acceptance which are part of counselling can help you to weather the storms and gradually reconnect with yourself in this new phase of your life.









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