Low Cost Counselling and Psychotherapy
Low Cost Counselling and Psychotherapy
Amanda Cust
Amanda Cust

Bereavement, Illness and Death

Before training as a psychotherapist, I worked as a nurse in palliative and home care.  I also have personal experience of illness, disability and bereavement, and of being a family carer.


These aspects of my life give me a special understanding of the stresses and challenges these can bring.  I can support you with -


-  adjusting to a life-changing or limiting illness (your own or that of a loved one), considering approaching death, including your wishes regarding care and treatment.


loss of someone important in your life through death or the end of a relationship - in our society we may feel hurried into moving on, but grief and mourning need time and attention.  I can support you as you honour your loss.


-  as a former nurse, I welcome medical staff as clients.  I have an understanding of the pressures that working in this field brings and can help you give yourself some of the attention you routinely offer to others.


-  finding balance in life if you have become an unpaid carer - a uniquely challenging role, which can change relationships and bring unwelcome feelings including guilt, resentment and a deep exhaustion.  It's okay to give yourself some time and space each week to look at your own needs.



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